BrandTaxi has formed unique strategic alliances to enhance and extend business insights and to implement solutions that grow business.

BrandTaxi has strategic alliances with select partners who have specialized expertise in various industries or capabilities. We work with these partners when a brand program requires unique knowledge and deep experience. These areas of expertise include:  
  • Brand Valuation
  • Branding for Professional Service Firms
  • Integrated Communications Programs
  • Public Relations & Investor Relations
  • Customer Acquisition, Retention and Loyalty
  • Global Brand Insight and Implementation
BrandTaxi is a founding member of theĀ BrandClan, a global partnership that offers clients around the world brand counsel combining uncommon local insight with discerning global oversight. When there is a need for top-level brand solutions embracing both local needs and global ambitions, theĀ BrandClan brings together experts from Asia, Europe and North America to solve complex challenges.